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Tailored loans for you

Has a lack of funds put your personal project on hold or stopped your start-up from stepping up a level? Maybe you’ve recently tried applying for a loan so you can install a much-needed new kitchen or progress with important travel plans?

Before you start clocking up applications and potentially rejection emails too, why not take a few minutes out to learn how our tailored loan service could help you find the loan you need.
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What is a personal loan?

You can take out a personal loan for all kinds of reasons. From home improvement plans through to paying for your wedding venue, if you need to pay for something but don’t have the funds to hand, you could borrow the money from a bank, building society or peer-to-peer lender. You’ll then pay the money back over an agreed period of time along with interest.

The interest you pay could be at a fixed rate, meaning it doesn’t change over the period of the loan. Or you may agree a loan with a variable rate of interest, which means your payments could go up or down in response to a change of rate. To help you decide what might work for you - a fixed rate loan offers stability and predictability, helping you to manage your monthly budget more easily. A variable rate loan can be an attractive option when interest rates are low, but you should always be mindful that the rates could change. Borrowing over a longer time period could also give you access to slightly lower interest rates, however, because of the compound nature of interest rates – paying off your debt over a longer period can significantly increase the overall sum you need to pay back.

Whatever type of interest or lending period your go for, remember that the best loan deals are usually reserved for those with great credit ratings who are deemed to be less of a lending risk. Finding a personal loan that fits your circumstances means balancing what you need to borrow against what you can confidently afford to pay back on a monthly basis.

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Tailored loans explained

Whatever your priority when searching for a loan, the Credit Angel free tailored loan matching service can help you find a loan that meets your needs. And importantly, it singles out products that you are likely to be accepted for. If you’re an existing Credit Angel report customer or register for a free 30-day trial of our credit report service, you’ll be granted access to our credit matching service too. As a bonus, you’ll also have access to our monitoring tools and tips and advice on improving your credit score.

So, how does our tailored loan matching work? When you apply for credit like a loan, a footprint will usually be left on your credit file – whether you’re accepted by the lender or not. The exception to this is if a lender uses a soft search, so it’s important to be clear whether a full search will be carried out before you apply. Make multiple applications in a short space of time and banks, building societies and other lenders may start to view you as being a bit, well, desperate. The result? You may find it more difficult to snag the loan you’re after and your project remains on hold while you plan out how to polish up your credit report.

As a Credit Angel customer, we’ve already got a great idea of what shape your finances are in and what deals you’re likely to be accepted for. So, by giving us a few details about the loan you’re looking for, we can carry out a search for you, narrowing the field of comparison. You’ll quickly be presented with a table of loans to compare, with important features highlighted to help you make your decision. We do the legwork and you reduce the likelihood of multiple footprints left on your credit file.

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Refused credit or refused a loan?

There are lots of reasons why you could be refused credit and it’s not always as simple as not having a high enough credit score or being someone who has a lot of debt already, though these can be common factors.

Have you been refused credit?
Credit Angel gives you access to your credit report and score in an easy to understand format, putting you in control
If you see anything unusual on your credit report our UK contact centre is on hand to help, and can even dispute entries with the credit agency for you.

Credit Angel will alert you if anything changes on your credit report, meaning you can react quickly to any unusual activity.

It can also be accessed via a handy app, putting your financial health at your fingertips.
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