Kickstarting your Kickstarter

  • February 21 2018
  • Danielle

The Global Impact of Crowd Funding Explained

Kickstarting your kickstarter

Many businesses nowadays are turning to crowdfunding in a bid to get off the ground. Once the favourite of small start-ups, crowdfunding is now changing the global economy. Find out more in the infographic below.

Crowdfunding has really taken off in recent years. It brings together small businesses who are looking for funds, with individuals who want to support projects and companies they believe in. It’s transforming the way that businesses raise capital.

With sites like Kickstarter, who recently released stats showing that over $3 billion have been pledged to Kickstarter projects since July 2012, is this the new way to start a business? And does it guarantee success? Creative careers are being boosted by crowdfunding platforms and the economy is benefiting too. So if you thought it was all about wacky, niche projects, think again!

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