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Understand & improve Your Credit Report*

Doing more to raise your score

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Our members get an even better experience using the Credit Angel app on iPhone or Android.

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A comprehensive but easy to follow credit report and score

Find out your credit score and information the credit bureaus hold on you. If there’s anything incorrect let us know and we can dispute it for you.

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Tailored loan and credit cards based on your circumstances

Credit Angel give you access to loans and credit card deals based on your credit score and other factors, so you only see the deals you are most likely to be accepted for.

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Talk to us, we’re here to help improve your score

Our UK team of certified experts are here to help you get the most from your credit report and help improving your score. We won’t leave you lost and confused online.

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Credit Angel provides your credit score and report, and our team of certified experts can help you work on improving it.

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The Credit Angel credit report is detailed, easy to use and shows the information lenders can access about you when making decisions. Check out this preview of a typical report.
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